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Recorded with Ian Boult at Stuck on a Name Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studios.


released December 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Deceit Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: WORN
I can’t cope with the constant pressure,
Fighting to see past the terror
Eating away at the back of my mind
Always waiting just out of sight
Just out of sight

Show the face, the very one you have trained,
That shit eating grin and wear it every day

It’s wearing me down
Wearing me down

Just close your eyes and pray for some rest
Just close your eyes and shut out the fear.

It’s wearing me down
Wearing me down

Show the face, the very one you have trained
That shit eating grin and wear it every day.
Track Name: SPITE
Closer to my breaking point,
Don't be shocked you put me here,
Treading on my every nerve
Taking all I've held dear
I never once asked for this
Never wanted pushed this far
Closer to the end of my rope
To be blamed on the sickness of the mind.

Not once have I asked for this
All the lies and deceit
You try to bring me down

I see your disgust
Seething words born from disdain
Clenching for old nerves
Stuck in your twisted ways
I won't rise to it this time

For all the years you've held me back
I'll never forget all that you have taken from me

No remorse for those who hold you back
No respect for those who left you to suffer
Track Name: ALONE
From the outside, it looks like a family
Until you look a bit deeper, through the cracks
Nothing but false pretenses
Convincing act, that they care.
When it's all driven by self gain.
Exploiting those who want to belong
It's no surprise this is how it is.
Left alone wanting somewhere to belong
Somewhere fucking safe.

Only care about what they can get from you
Always talk about being thankful
How we are all equal
All whilst they're bleeding you dry.
It's no surprise this is how it is.
The fool who wanted to belong
Now your cast outside
With little fucking use

It's never how it looks from the outside
See for yourself, the vultures picking at the weak
Ripped apart all that's left in you
Praying for the end
Left to rot from there greed
Track Name: CONTROL
Everyday being forced to swallow
A fistful of outdated morals
Walk there path
You have to obey
No room to think for yourself

Pushing there ignorance
Hiding behind a book
To excuse there bigoted ways
Forcing there own agenda

And they say to love thy neighbor
While they stone the other to death
For not being the chosen few
For being fucking different

Spit it back in your face